Monday, September 20, 2010

when the boys were in town

Raya finally comes to end..
tapi x la end mane pun since Syawal is selama sebulan yo..! My friends came to my place too, celebrating raya together.. last Tuesday, I was at Azwa's place for her open house. We may call it a reunion since some old friends were there too. But then I had to come home early since Akim, Joe, Amy and Adib from Seremban were heading down to Kuala Pilah n were about to berhari raya at my place after they went to Aten's. Mummy picked me up around 10 n when I reached home I texted Fendi  to ask him to come by n give me the movies..! Yes finally I got to watch The Expendables..! Thankx buddy :))

Then around 1am the boys arrived at my place.. Walahaaa sgt lame korang lepak kat umah Aten kn..?? Well I havent met the boys since last raya, there were plenty of things we talked about. Now i dun have to worry about who is going to be my caterer since Joe is in the business..!! Hell he is a good cook ok..! When he talked about kitchen, Akim n I were just staring at him astonishingly..! i am proud to call u my fren Joe :))) 
here are some photos when the boys were in town celebrating raya with me.

adib, amy, joe, akim

adib bajet raya kat London ;p

I went to bed really late after the boys left. But then I still had to wake up early in the morning at took the damn cold shower n off to send my mum to her work. Then I drove back to kg to meet my grandma since I was going back to Dungun at night. Before I headed home I dropped by at Pa Ngah's place to meet them up. When I was there at 10am Faez was still asleep.. mane x nye, grandma said he was out the last night with his friends n came home late n watched midnight movie.. typical boys :))

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