Thursday, September 16, 2010

wasting money n spending great time with the girls..

ohh and yeahhhh..!!! I was in KL on the last 8h sept with friends... Everything was great as always when you are with yr friends right :)

Syue n I took a train from Sban to KL Sentral where Dila was waiting for us.. From there we took monorail to imbi whick leads to wait2...! Do I have to tell u guys 'coz I guess everybody knows where it will end right.., Ok skip the route..

As we reached TS we shopped till we dropped..!!
Oh not much really 'cause there was too many people since school hols have just started. But we managed to get something for ourselves. I got myself a new purse since the last now was really in a bad condition, hello I got it when I was 14 okee.., i also bought two tops which really great on me haaha..!! I will be back after raya I guess to spend the duit raya..!
And the greatest part was we took pics of us with the editing at the photo shop.., u know what I'm trying to say here right..
Sadly, we had to head home before breaking fast..
so lets the pictures do the talkings..!

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