Thursday, September 16, 2010

flying with wings

Last Tuesday I was at KLIA, sending JIHAN's big bro, YEN. He was going to further his studies in Dublin. Ireland. And I was planning to meet TULUS since her flight to Beijing was that night too at 12.20am. Unfortunately, we cant make it since she arrived around 9 but I had to leave the airport at 8pm.
Firstly, I drove to Seremban then I took KTM to Nilai then I rode a bus to the airport. For me, it was a lot better to take public transport since I didn't remember the route to KLIA. +, if u know me very well then u know that I HATE DRIVING
I reached the airport around 5pm because I was beraya-ning at friends' houses in Seremban before that. There I met Jihan, AINA, n Yen's BFFs too. Then I texted DANIAL telling him I was at KLIA. I insisted to meet him since we haven't seen each other for about two months. He said he will pick me up a bit late since he was FAIZ's open house at Enstek so he fetched me around 8. He had futsal on midnight so he had to send me to Seremban a bit early.
At the gate of international departures there was many people that same with Yen, all were about to fly. That made me n Jihan dreamt about flying too! wahahaha n its about 3 years to come itu pun if we study like damn hard n get ourselves a scholarship..! We can do it JIhan.! N yeah AFIQ SANJI, our senior last semester was there too to give support to Jihan n family. 
When it was about 8, Danial called n said he's here to pick me up. After a quick hugs n kisses n salams with Jihan n family I ran to get to Danial. I hate making people waiting for me. And this was like the greatest part ever! I was wearing high heels, stupid heels..! It was 2 1/2 inch ok damn.! I can't run with heel that high. So i took off my shoes n ran with just wearing skin socks. Everybody was looking n like hell I cared I kept running to gate no 3 to get to Danial. He drove me to Seremban n we talked like hell. No lah actually I was doing the talking hehehe. He sent me to my car ok I know how gentleman he was :p Thankx baby :)

On my way home, I was thinking of getting a bite at McD Senawang. Around 10pm I reached McD drive thru n hell there were many cars too.! I was hungry to death but if I proceeded with my plan then I'll get home like really late, Mummy Danny would be worried. So I aboard my mission impossible n drove straight away home :)
And the traffic was suck too man..! All the mamat motors were on the road I guess they were beraya-ning at their friends coz there were about 8-10 bikes that were on convoy. 
I reached home at  10.45pm. I texted Danial telling him I arrived home safely then I took a quick shower then chatted with my mum since she was in my room onlining and facebooking. I went to bed damn early which was around 12 :)

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