Saturday, January 22, 2011

she went away

Today was the last day Shitah, my room mate was staying with us in this room. Her application to transfer to Machang was accepted. She left around 1.++. God...! We are gonna miss that girl. Who else can I bully around in this room? I know we barely knew each other but we have been living in the same room for almost a month. But I know its for her own good. I know she will miss us too. Now its only Miza n I live in this room. We are thinking of getting new room mate soon. Okay, enough about little Shita. The more I talk about her, the more I miss her :'( You take care there okay my dear.

And also.., I attended my lecturer's brother's wedding. The whole class was invited to the wedding. But others cannot make it as they went home this weekend and also already had other plans. Madam Izatee is also a friend of Bennu's, so Emi n I made a plan to go along with him. The actual plan was to go with Dee, but something came up at a very last minute so she cant make it. It was only me, Emi and Bennu that went to the wedding. ( makan free bohh.!! had to go..! ) He picked us up here at Redang then after the wedding we brought him to Gadung to have some ABC there.

with Madam Izatee

Tonight, Liza, Tengku, Aimi and I went to DA to watch Gamelan Geliong that was presented by Kelab Kebudayaan. I was planning to go with Beego too but he also had to take care of the movie that was on aired at DKC. He is a real busy student. Sadly, I didn't make it to the end of the play because I had something to do. But I know it was really fun :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

celebrity fitness

ohh ya I bet no one is going to believe this. I went for jogging with the girls today.. yes you read it correctly, I went to jog. And it was really tiring. We went to jog at taman tasik sura.., near to Pos B. Act, instead of jogging a few of us ( including me..!) were busy taking a few photos. But mestilah ade joging sikit2.., ade la dalam 4-5 round. I never thought that Taman Tasik is really a nice place. We snap pictures using Tengku's phone so she has all of it and I'm going to take them tomorrow.
So just wait for the photos ya..! :)

forever in love with ekin <3

Then when I reached my room at redang. I was shocked that our room got ambushed by the stupid beruks! They sneaked into my room by the opened windows. It was the second time beruk2 ni ceroboh masuk bilik kitorang. But this time they would mess things around and turn our room up side down. They stole our food. They took our mamee tomyam, nesvita, oat crunch abd also pop corn. Luckily they didn't take my marie biscuits. Kalau takkkkk.....! Miza, my room mate was back from Koko, and I was back from jogging. We were really tired but then we had to clean up the room. All three of us were Cinderellas and cleaning up the mess that the monkeys left behind. We are soooooo getting a revenge later.!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

let them dance

I am having my maggi goreng now as my supper since I didnt take dinner. I woke up at 12 noon because I had a long conversation with Shafirul last night. After lunch I took a nap until 4.30. When I woke up I received a text message from Alem saying he saw my boyfriend at TGV Seremban 2. Alem was watching movie there and dia cakap dia nampak Shafirul tengah kerja. He said ' tengok rambut pun dah tau ' haha! I never thought that Alem could recognize Shafirul since they have not met yet but maybe because he has seen Shafirul's picture on my facebook.

After asar I went to gadung to hang out with the boys. Since this new semester started we haven't found the right time to meet up. But not everybody was there. Only Teh, Beego , Faiz n me. When Beego and Teh were talking about their band, Faiz and I took a walk at the beach.
That really made me missing Shafirul more :(

At night I went out again but to go to AGM Kelab Kebudayaan at studio. I went there to see my friends danced and also for merit. I went with Beego but then I had to leave early to meet up a friend at the beach. And now I'm in the room eating my maggi and missing my prince :'(