Monday, February 28, 2011

more than good hooks

Lately ni kan, rajennnn giler jari jemari halus ni menaip and meng-hapdate blog. Kalau dulu, malas tahap nak hidup, la ni tak tau la kenapa rajin je bercerita dongeng. Maybe sebab baru habis test kot :p

Well, as most of you know metal band, Asking Alexandria is coming to Malaysia this 29th May. Damn, masa tu I'm about to start the new sem. Alahh.., tak boleh tukar date ke? Awal kan sikit ke..... Alem and Beego pulak dah plan nak pergi same. Maybe I will tag along kot. Tu pun kalau dorang bagi ikut. Biase la, abang2 mane nak bawak adik perempuan dorang p concert! Kedekut + poyo = alem beego! hehehe I still sayang both of you ( bawak la gua bai gua nak ikut!!! )

my monkey men <3

Hmm, oh ya! Last week, masa Jiot and Abby datang bilik, I bought this new bad sheet from Jiot, cantik bai! And its not cartoon or pink anymore. People change, so do I. Takkan nak cartoon or pink je kan! Tak ayu la macam tu bai! So childish la! C'mon la der, gua dah 20 kot! Bukan 10 eceh!

Lagi satu, Jiot ni kan, ni semua la ni buat nafkah gua bulan ni cepat je habis. Nasib baik Abby and Jiot yang datang jual dgn muka tak malu dorang tu, kalau orang lain sumpah gua tak beli. Ni sume strategi bai strategi! Ini hari, mak cik jual air tebu tepi simpang nak masuk taman gua tu pun meletakkan anak gadis atau teruna beliau sbg daya tarikan pelancong datang beli air kat gerai beliau tu. Tu baru nama strategi tarik pelanggan. Takkan semua ni gua nak cakap jugak! Business bai business!!

tempat beradu sem ni. cantik tak cadar baruuuuuuuuuuuu!!
(p/s: love the pics :))

Macam petang ni tadi kan, gua skipped Bel class and  followed Apih and Wan pekena cendol sekali kat tepi pantai. Ni semua because dah lame tak makan air batu jagung. Tak cukup gua punya gua rembat Apih punya pulak! Biar la, dia kena la beralah kan ;)

Ni nak kasi tau sama semua penduduk kampung Redang!!! Dgr ni dgr ni!! Tadi bella pergi PC Fair kat DA. Gua beli cooler pad bai! Kaler pink lagi! Lu ade? Tak de kan gua tau lalala :p

my new cooler pad <3

Malam ni nak pergi beronggeng kat Stadium! Ladies nite ladies nite!!

what a blast

I just came back from hanging out with the girls and the boys. First, we headed to Batu 50 to grab a dinner there. After perut dah kenyang dgn segala makanan yang kitorang order, the  next station was karaoke. We took the VIP room la kan lagipun there was 8 of us. Me, Emi, Dee, Liza, Sa, Isma, Ayed and also Atha.

dee, emi, bella, liza

It was really a fun night and mmg nak release tension! What can you say man, common tests baru habis kot! Nak clubbing rase macam tak sesuai pulak! (nak clubbing kat mana je Dungun ni ). So dah ada karaoke tu pun dah cukup bersyukur okay!

ayed and sa

Friday, February 25, 2011

room alone

I just woke up from taking a nap. NAp ke kalau tdo petang for 2 hours? Hmm.., penat + mengantuk + lapar = tidur 2 jam. Okay lah tu, ingat senang ke nak dapat equation yang accurate macam tu. Balik je from jadi bangsa 1 Malaysia terus tidur, x lunch because mase break pukul 10 tadi dah pergi breakfast dgn dida kat McD. Balik bilik pulak Intan and the others tgh tgk Kak Limah. Online kejap, then terus tidur sampai pukul 4.30. itu pun sbb Intan kejut, dia nak balik KT.

thankx Ayyad :))

And also I had to go down sebab Intan's boyfriend bawak kan my keropok goreng! yeyyyy!! Finally dapat gak makan! Last week Dee dah bawak dah from KT, tapi it only lasted one night sebab I finished it on that night too! Kepingin punya pasal. Thans Intan sebab your boyfriend brought keropok for me. Yela, BF I jauh, so I tumpang kasih sayang boyfriend you la hahahahahaha.

Speaking of Intan, tonight dia pergi tdo umah mak mentua dia kat KT. Esok baru balik Dungun. And Izrin pulak dah home sweet home since last Tuesday lagi. That means tinggal me sorang je dlm bilik ni now! Waaaa......... sedih gilerrr! I wanna go home too!

p/s : gua rase keropok ni tahan dua hari je dgn gua ni.... sedap giler kot! and also listening to Truly Madly Deeply :'(

Saturday, February 19, 2011

more than that

This week has been a hectic one for me. I had to go to K.Tganu on Thursday to get the new title deed for my bike. Then at night I went to see the futsal match at the sport centre. Last night also the same thing. Well, Fabregas menang la! He even scored 8 goals for his team. Ehem2, nak bangga lebih2 pun tak boleh......

And also, I had this huge argument with Shafirul and as everybody knew. WE BROKE UP. Sedihnya Allah je yang tahu. I know what I did was wrong and I took full responsibility. But I wont let it go that easily. Not just yet. I knew I had to do something to save my relationship. I had to make the first move. So what I did was I asked him to accept  me back. I called and I said sorry and asked for another chance. Sume orang nak amek side Shafirul. Everybody said it was my fault. You guys didn't have to make me feel bad la..! I'm not really sure where it all started. But what I'm really sure is that I caused the breaking up thing. This thing has been happening for quiet a long time. And we chose to not really talk about it.

Now, everything is fine just the way they were before. We are together now.

Honey.., I'm sooooo sorry for what I did. I know I've crossed the line, I've crossed the limit, I've hurt you deeply, I've broken your heart badly, I've broken it into pieces and its really hard to fix it. I don't know what has gotten into me. I know this is the second time I buat masalah. Ini dah kali ke berapa I cari pasal dgn you. Tapi you sabar je dgn perangai I. But you have to understand..., its not easy for me here.... He's here with me. Everything I do here, I'd do with him. And hes helped me alot. I feel bad to both of you. But now you know what my decision is. I choose you.., and it has always been you. Not any other guys. This kind of thing will happen again. There'll be more fights, there'll be more arguments, there'll be more 3rd persons. This thing happens in every relationship and I hope we'll get through them together. I love you and will always do.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I came I saw I conquered

Yesterday part 4 students had modul and we had to climb Bukit Bauk. You know what Bukit Bauk is? Okay I pun tak tau. Yang I tau, BB ni ( cm blackberry la plak ), is located all the way to Dungun if I'm not mistaken starts from area2 Teknik Dungun tu sampai la belakang uitm Dungun. IF I'm not mistaken la. So as part 4 students, all of us kena naik bukit tu. At 8am we gathered at the food court then we walked to camp Gemia. It started there, then finished at belakang Redang2. We were divided by class. So as all of you know, my class mates mmg sgt la gempak n happening. Tapi, start je kat check point 1, we had to split since there was too many in our group. Unfortunately, kak iqa, fatin, nad, nisa, izzaq and me had to join other class. We were separated from our class :(  Masa tu mmg xda semangat lansung nak naik BB tu. 

It took approximately 2 hours and 30mis to complete the track. The track ended kat belakang Redang2. Walaweiiii! Belakang redang aku je kotttt!  Ingat after turun 10kg tu nak naik bilik terus. Tapi kena gather balik kat food court tu to sign attendance and take the brunch that was provided. But seriously I really had fun,even though xdapat climb dengan classmates yang lain and also had to menumpang kelas orang lain. And these are the pictures that we took :)

jersi Negeri Sembilan okayyyy..!!

the siblings :)

jannah sesat kat belakang 

bella sorang je ke yang kepale togel..??? 

me just ended the track :))

Sampai je bilik, lepak2 keringkan badan and borak2 dgn Izrin and Intan. Lepas tu Intan felt like so bored and she wanted to go out. Plan punye plan, we decided to call Akim and ask him to go out with us. Well, where else..? Mesra mall je la. Thats the only mall we have here. He picked us up at the main gate at 3.30. Ohh ya I still cannot believe this, I fell asleep on the way to MM..! So unbelievable. It was just 30mins drive but maybe because I was too tired about that BB thingy, thats why I did fall asleep all the way to MM.  Kat MM tu ape je yang kitorang buat........, makan since we had not have our lunch yet. And it was 5pm! Lunch ape tu pukul 5 petang. After we all makan, Izrin plak nak released tension. Ape lagi.....? Shopping la! She managed to get herself a pair of shoes from Carlo Rino. Damn the price was only rm45..! Cilakek btl bapak nak mati murah siottt! And I would die for that shoes. Memang comel okayyy! 

Dah jalan2 kat dalam MM tu, and also dah beli barang2 sume, Izrin pulak boley singgah kat Vern's. And yes as always she managed to ger herself something. But this time, three pairs of shoes! Damn....! Memang jeles gilerr okay! And I also got terpengaruh so me got a pair too. Iman tak kuat la plak kan. And the hilarious thing was, we got the same shoes! Size je different. 

Memang besttttt sangat2 sebab dapat keluar dgn my room mates yesterday. It was a memorable time and we were planning for something else too. Somewhere to go and somethings to do :p Jeng3....!!

the grey was the one that Izrin bought at CR.
Mine is in the plastic.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bella Kindergarten

Finally after two days of editing and typing and designing..., I have completed me Bel 312 assignment. Yeahhh..!! It feels great man..! And I had my presentation today. Ye lah.., nak present kena la pakai proper attire. So I decided to wear my new baju kurung and also a pair of sandals. Tapi pemakaian sandals tu agak kurang tepat sebab nak present kena la sesuai kan? Tapi tak ape lah. This time is an exception, next time tak pakai lagi dah okay! And also, my friends' ideas were really bombastic la wei! What I like the most was Put's wedding package. Bloody hell memang semua orang in my class was really excited about her presentation! Damn..! You guys should see her presentation and the materials. They were great yo! Puts, nanti I khawin you jadi wedding consultant I okay :)

-macroeconomics class-

p/s : ini kalau shafirul tengok mesti dia garu kepala..! hahaha love you honey :)