Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm loving it

so how's everybody doing ? It has been a while since my serious last post . I've occupied with my studies. You know, tests, quizzes, and of course group assignments.
I am now in final semester. That means I have been living in Dungun for almost 3 years. Lama tu -.-
Being a final semester student makes me busier than before. Well, I ada lagi two paper yang tak lepas. Sangkut lah ! buat buat tak paham pulakkk -.- .
So disebabkan I ada paper repeat, I have to double and triple my effort if I want to perform well in this final sem. Mana boleh main main lagi weh kau nak kecundang? Oh I taknak! I taknak extend and kena stay kat Dungun permai indah ni for another 4 months. GUA TAK SANGGUP BAI ! I dah taknak naik bus tiap tiap minggu lagi dah. Back and forth between Pilah-Dungun. Tak syok tido dalam bus *tetiba*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

oh my audit!

Esok gua ada quiz costing ! dengar tak tu! quiz costing ! now mata gua dah rabak giler, gua dah mengantuk tahap maximum. tapi gua lapar. tapi tadi gua dah bantai mee goreng mamak + roti canai + teh o ais limau.
Oh wish me luck luck luck for tomorrow.
Eh, quiz je pun . sebab quiz je pun tu lah gua jadi ko rea haa!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


all of these pics were taken during our night out to Mesra Mall on Tuesday night.
tetiba Nad teringin nak makan burger king so we all decided to come along with her to MM.