Thursday, September 16, 2010

free breakfast on 4th September :)

on last 4th sept, I was breaking the fast with jiha n nana.. To bad Aten couldn't join us she had a family gathering at her place since everybody was in town. I met them at at the restaurant behind Petronas around 6pm then after we ordered our food we talked like we havent seen each other for 20 years..! As always we talked about our current lives that involve work, studies, boys, family n others too..when azan maghrib was on air, we had our meal while still talking...! with mouth full of food we continued the stories that we can't see the ending of it :) 

We wanted to go home since the clock showed 8.10pm. we went to the counter to pay the bill the we found out that guys who ate at the next table have paid for us..!! wa laaaa haaaaaaaaaaa..!!! all customers at the restaurant were surprised too..! just like we did but if we think about it, ala normal la tu if 3 orang gadis cantik no need to pay for their bills..!!! so there is a bless being beautiful gilrs :)
we were shocked since we just noticed the guys were trying to flirt with us..
We didn't expect them to pay for us., if we would have known they will be paying for us.., we will order like the most expensive food okkkk..!! hahahaha..!! still shocked..!! then the guys were just walk away from the restaurant as we havent got the chance to say thankx...., YET..!

as we walk to the cars we saw their car at the petrol station.., we thought it would be nice if we thanked them.., As we saw the car we approached them n say thankx n it turned to be one of the guys were a long time friend of nana's... 

after hugs n kisses with the girls, i went to nadya's n picked her up to have a sleepover at my place..
there went my yesterday :)

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