Saturday, November 27, 2010

membaca amalan mulia

I have been reading all day long. From one book to another. And now I just finished reading the Graduation Summer series from Olsen twins. These books really made me think about my Secondary School life n my life after SPM n before enrolled into UiTM. And I love Mary-Kate's sweet cum romantic boyfriend, Trevor Reynolds. Next would be The Tenth Circle from Jodi Picoult. Or I might finish Not Without My Sister since I have read half of the book. The book is about the true story of three girls violated and betrayed. The cover itself really touches my heart. It is a very serious book, all about children abuse n some other world/politic issues that I'm not in the mood to know. Now I need a book to make me feel relax n reading it without having to disguise the main character or to think about the ending of it. The Olsens book series would be a major help.! I've been reading their books since I was 13 or 14.

carmen, tibby, lena, bridget
the sisterhood of the travelling pants

I'm planning to re-read all my books during these holidays, that also includes my Sisterhood of Travelling Pants series from Ann Brashares. I love Bridget Vreaaland the soccer queen. And she got herself a cute blonde boffie, Eric Richman. I wonder when will I have a perfect boyfriend like Bridget's. I have been re-reading them for like 100th times because the books are just soooo damn great. I  really love reading them. Though, I have not seen the movies yet. Well, actually I have but I misplaced the CDs. I can't remember where was the last time I saw it. It could be hiding in one of those boxes in my room or at the CD rack at the hall.

And not to be forgotten St Clare's and Malory Towers from Enid Blyton. Its a must-have for kids to own even a book from Enid Blyton. The boarding school series I have in Malay. Don't know why my mum bought in Malay edition but the books are still fun n interesting. So the titles would be Tunku Asyikin and Seri Melur. And also forgot to mention the 5 investigators. Ohh I have alot to catch up on my grow-up story books ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

mrs potter..?

Ok let me start from the beginning. I woke up at 8 am n yes I know it was damn early. My friend that I was texting was also surprised that I was awake at that time in the morning. Ok, the whole house was still quite. Then I walked to my mother's room, since I changed my mind about not sleeping in my war zone room.. I think mummy went back to bed after Subuh. I woke mummy up then we talked about our plan for the day. I settled my laundry n then I took a shower.We left home around 9.30. Mummy was behind the wheel since I was busy texting a friend. We reached Senawang at 10.15 and had our breakfast at out favorite mamak restaurant, OT.

After breakfast, we headed to Jusco Seremban 2. I was thinking of watching Harry Potter n yes I made it.!! 
I successfully pursued my mum to watch Harry Potter. When I reached there it was 11.15 n the first show was aired at 11.30 n luckily there was still empty seats. I managed to get the tickets, n guess what it was a couple seat.. hahaha..!! Even I was still dating the boys back then I never got a couple seat. The movie was fun but I really loved what Hermione wore..! I love the pants the tops n everything.
After we got spelled by Potter, we went for a window shopping. I had to control my spendings since I have spent more than I should have. Mummy treated me my favorite food which was Kenny Rogers Roasters :)

After hours of spending time at Jusco, we headed down to Singapore Street which was located in the middle of Seremban town. I had to go there to get the ingredients for my soft roll. That one shop over there has all the pastry things that I needed for my soft roll recipe.

From there we straight to my mum's friend house. We lepaked for about an hour an half then we went to Giant Hypermarket. I was running out of my frozen food stock. I got my ayamas food n also a long bread that I wanted to cook like the one I ate at Ampangan with Mak Ngah n Faez. N mum got herself ingredients to cook kueh tiaw on the next morning. Yes mummy's cooking for breakfast..!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am sorry clothes :'(

I have been cleaning up my room.., I'm throwing away clothes that I don't need anymore. Its not about I don't need them but its more to I'm not gonna wear those clothes anymore. Some of them even I still can fit in it, its just so yesterday n so out of fashion. Some are just out of my size. And some I really do not want to wear or somebody gave me n I showed them a very sweet face of mine when they handed over that shirt :p.Well people u should watch E! then u know what to give to teenage girl. But I still appreciate it :). Thank you
For the start I'll just throw the shirts away.., later on I'll go for other things in my room like posters, mags, n other decorations that I got when I was still in school..!!

I know u didn't honey :)

I was a HUGE fan of Simple Plan back in school and yes I still do :)

I've been cleaning my room since Mahgrib n I stopped for a dinner with mum, then I continued for a few minutes then I stopped.. Its just too much of clothes that I need to get rid off but I didn't have that enough of black plastic. So I asked my mum n she said tomorrow she will buy another that means I'll be throwing away more things..!
I don't have much of these shoes just yet

some clothes I still keep

Since the bed is still in war zone., I'll be sleeping with my mum tonight. We might be going tomorrow but not sure where are we gonna head just yet. It might be Sunway Pyramid if we go out early or its just Jusco. I'll pursue my mum to watch Harry Potter. I have got to watch it before my cousin Faez has. Mana boleh adik tgk dulu dari kakak.., sgt2 x adil.. oke we'll see how things go with mummy tomorrow :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

she got engaged..!

I went for Ain's engagement ceremony today at Juasseh. Now that she's engaged, it comes to my mind when will my turn come..? She's now 22 n plans to get wed next year. I still remember Ain cooked for us when we were small. She would cook something like nasi goreng then fed us,.., me, my brother n her siblings which were Uyun, Haziq n Afiq.. She was kinda our nanny back then.. Its only a few months left for her to enjoy the Miss title. I am happy for u cousin..

the bride to be :)

After everything was done, I went bak to my uncle's house which was only a block a way. Mak Ngah said that Abang Fahmy will be home today. He was back to get his car. FYI, he got himself Satria NEO. Fuhhh..!! best kot dapat drive satria neo.. Seems now we can say my cousins all have got themselves a car.. Mummy, when can I have my own like them....?

kereta lu kn gua ase cm nak naikkkk je kn...

At around 4 pm, I followed Mak Ngah, Pak Ngah, and cousin Faez to send Pak Ngah to Seremban. The two kids, Farish n Anis were dropped off at Senaling, their grandparents place. We had to ask Atuk n Wan Senaling to keep an eye on them for a while. We reached Seremban around 5.30 because the traffic was like fucking jammed.. From Pak Ngah's room I can see the sunset n it was freaking awesome n astonishing..!!

the view from 4th floor

We chilled for about an hour there.., then after everything was ok me, Mak Ngah n Faez drove back home but we stopped by at Ampangan to get a bite. It was around 7.45. We ate and we talked. We left for home at around 9.30.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

a thing or two called anything..

My semester break has started about a week now.. But I have not planned anything yet on how to spend it..I have a few things in my mind now.., like holiday in Korea with family, shop till drop, sleepovers at the girls' places,  getting my henna done at Keronsang Emas Boutique, and since Karisma is held in Shah Alam,  I might be cheer leading for my team..!! yess go Dungun go Dungun..!

At around 4pm, I accompanied my mum to meet her long lost school mate..,Aunt Mohaini. Well, it was kinda a small reunion. as they we talking about friends back then during school time, I was a bit bored since I was the only young lady there.., but it was fun actually getting to know my mother's friends.., so far now I have met around 5 6 of her friends like Aunt Noly and Aunt Jamie. When I was little, they used to entertain n treat me nicely :)

Seems like everybody is still in the mood of Hari Raya Aidiladha.., so far tak banyak kedai makan yang dah bukak.., I went out with my mum to have dinner., firstly we went to Warisan but it was still closed n will be opened back on 25., so we drove back to Pilah n went to Pilah Street. We had dinner there then I bumped into Nana.., She was there to pick her sister up.., we talked for a minute, she told me that she already got a new job at A' Famosa Resort, at the golf department..! I am happy for u girl.., n find jodoh for me please.! She will be leaving on  Sunday as she starts working on Monday. I was thinking of hanging outs and catching some movies together but is seems now we have to postpone again..

Lisa n I have getting along again very well now.., We are planning for some catch ups with the girls too.., but I also heard that there will be a reunion. I dont know about that. And I'm also not sure of attending it since I had a bad friendship going with the boys, but we can now say everybody has grown up.

Friday, November 12, 2010

my life is back on track...

What can I say now is I feel that
my life is complete again.. 

now that I have u back in my arms..
the last thing I want is to lose u again.., 
We have been fighting over stupid things..,
Well we really have a lot to catch up on with each other girl..
 I really missed you..
it might sound funny but I've been thinking about u n how have we spent our time together.. 
U have always been by my side in everything that I do in my life. 
We have known each other
for almost 10 years  so I know u n I wont let these kinds of stupid things happen in our friendship..
the last thing I want now is losing u again..

after SPM over.., supper at A&W Seremban

raya 2007 I guess at azwa's place

lisa's place

I miss all the things that we did together.. 
Sleepovers, partying, on a trip, shopping, n gossiping.n
eating n talking like hell.!! I miss all that and now we have those back in our lives :)

I dedicate this song to you


When I'm lost in the rain
In your eyes I know I'll find the light

To light my way, when I'm scared losing ground
When my world is going crazy you can turn it all around
And when I'm down you're there pushing me to the top
You're always there giving me all you've got

For a shield, from the storm for a friend, for a love
To keep me safe and warm, I turn to you
For the strength to be strong, for the will to carry on
For everything you do, for everything that's true, I turn to you

When I lose the will to win
I just reach for you and I can reach the sky again
I can do anything 'cause your love is so amazing
'Cause your love inspires me
And when I need a friend you're always on my side
Giving me faith taking me through the night

For a shield, from the storm, for a friend, for a love
To keep me safe and warm, I turn to you
For the strength to be strong and for the will to carry on
For everything you do I turn to you yeah

For the arms to be my shelter through all the rain
For truth that will never change for someone to lean on
But for a heart I can rely on through anything
For the one who I can run to oh I turn to you

For a shield from the storm, for a friend, for a love
To keep me safe and warm, I turn to you
For the strength to be strong, for the will to carry on
For everything you do, for everything that's true
For everything you do, for everything that's true, I turn to you

Thursday, November 4, 2010

nesvita.., finally..

Finally my nesvita hunting has stopped... Last night when I was out with the girls we pulled over at the Pak Aziz market near the Post B n managed to get my nesvita there.. Even it was sold abit higher than the usual price but I was oke with it as long as I got to drink my nesvita back.

When I reached my room,I got a text from Danial.., 
well, I told him why I was soo down before..
I don't know but I some how I felt so homesick n sick of everything. Things around here are not that good for me, compared to before all these dramas started. I thought 3rd semester would give a better life n surroundings for me but I don't think that's what happening now. Currently some of friends are slipping away from my fingers or I am the one who's giving persons slip.. I don't know, it could be the other way around.. When are all these dramas are gonna end..? Maybe when there will be transferring to other campuses I suppose or when there is bad things happen..? Well, no one can tell.. 

Since its only 11 days left to the starting of semester break, I think I'm gonna use the days left wisely.. Like spending time with people that I should have spent before. Perhaps thats the most wise n correct thing to do..
Oh ya I met Abby n Jiot today when I went to get water from Redang 1.. God I missed them sooo much.. Since Abby n I are not room mates anymore, I barely see them..
and u jiot..!!! waaa..!! Jiot said I have gained a few weight..
this couldn't be happening :'(
we were holidaying in Kuala Terengganu last year
jiot, me ,abby

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ohh mr exam....

maggie have been my stay up snacks

my life has been up n down.., bust most of it is down.., I have 5 more papers to go.., and I am stressed full enough and with personal matters that I thought I can live without even give a damn about them but I just cant I guess.. Things have been really hard for me but I know I will manage to cope with it..
Go Bella :)
 And also, I dunno how n why but I think Dungun has run out of Nesvita perhaps.., I have been looking for original Nesvita which the pack is in pink color but I havent found one. Oke actually I have but the small pack which only has 8 packets in it. I want the big one coz it has 18. Enough until the last day in Dungun. I'll go out again tomorrow to continue my original-Nesvita-18 packets-pack hunting...!

The great news for today was that finally Dungun now has McD..!! yes u read it correctly Dungun has McD..!! fuhh..! now I really feel like I really can be alive again..! finally I have thing that I cant live without with me here in Dungun ;)
McD senawang, N9
thank you MPD for having McD here for us..,

p/s: so macik2 maybe saya dah tak makan kat kedai macik2 lagi dah lepas ni hahaha no lah just kidding ;)