Thursday, September 16, 2010

bed time story

This story was told on the night of 1st raya.. My family n I was still back at kg celebrating raya. It all began 'cause there was an electricity trip at my grandmother's house. It was not just my grandma's but all the houses in the village. So we just had the pelita as our source of lights on that night. We were all sitting down at the hall n I dun remember how it actually started but all I remember was my aunts n my mum started to talk about how their life before. Their school n how they spent their leisure time that was not that leisure actually. My mum n her siblings were grown up in Singapore. That time my grandpa worked for Singapore police department. But when my mum was around 10, they came back to kg as my grandpa had retired. When they were back they had to help my grandparents to make living. Living here as like going to the sawah n did all the chores. They were really nice and helpful kids back then not like my cousins n I now :p
The day started at 5am.They would go to the well behind the house to get showered because the bus that they rode to school arrived at 6 am. Can u imagine getting shower at 6 am with water from the well..??? thats like damn man..!! damn bloody hell cold...!! i would be using heater even I take my shower at 10am :)))
Then they went to school. Pak Ngah went to TMS( Tuanku Muhammad School), which was all boy's school that time which also happened to be the school that his son cum my cousin and I attended. My mum n his three older sisters attended all girl's school, next to TMS, TKS(Tunku Kursiah School). That time, whoever attended TKS n taking scince stream was the 'it' girl coz the students there can be consider as the popular n bright girls. Well, now I know how I became 'ME'. It runs in the family ^_^

By the time my mum was in form 6, she attended TMS which only opened for girls that took STPM. N yes again whoever took STPM at TMS was a great studentl since the school was very selective about pupils to enroll there. They had records to be maintained..!
 When they reached home from school, they would take a quick rest like changing the uniforms n had lunch then they would head down to the bendang to do their routine which was helping my grandparents at the bendang. My cousins n I cant never imagine we would be doing those things like get dirty with the mud n sometimes if you were 'lucky', boleh kena pacat or lintah oke..!!! sgat la dangerous..!
they didn't do just that. they also cooked for dinner n laundry n cleaning up the house n soooo many other chores too. They cant depend on my grandma only. How ringan tulang they were in their age not like us now..!

At night they went to mengaji. Then they would study by using only pelita. That time there was no electricity in the village. They just used the generator. Itu pun bukan selalu sometimes je. Study guna pelita sgt la susah ok we cant concentrate but they performed damn hell greatl at shool..!!! And also there were alot of things that they did as normal kids like arguing with sisters, climb the trees, waiting for durian to fall, and also my mum would go to menembak punai with my grandpa. he would shoot the punai n my mum would go n pick it up. That time they did everything that can give money. Beside going to sawah, my grandparents also were rubber tappers. and my grandpa loved to catch fish at the river near our house. Its damn delicious to be having a fresh fish for dinner..!!! damn great man...!

Now everybody has grown up n getting 'old'.. hehe as now its the turn for my cousins to repay what they sacrificed for us. Even back then there was no electricity they still burnt that midnite oil(i mean real midnite oil;p) so their children did not have to go what they went through. Oh n yes..! My grandma was really garang ok..! they were afraid of her.! thank God they did..! n my atok was the cool one :)
As the story came to an end, they electricity was back on then we continued watching TV as one big happy family :)

when we were small
raya 2009

raya 2010

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