Saturday, November 20, 2010

a thing or two called anything..

My semester break has started about a week now.. But I have not planned anything yet on how to spend it..I have a few things in my mind now.., like holiday in Korea with family, shop till drop, sleepovers at the girls' places,  getting my henna done at Keronsang Emas Boutique, and since Karisma is held in Shah Alam,  I might be cheer leading for my team..!! yess go Dungun go Dungun..!

At around 4pm, I accompanied my mum to meet her long lost school mate..,Aunt Mohaini. Well, it was kinda a small reunion. as they we talking about friends back then during school time, I was a bit bored since I was the only young lady there.., but it was fun actually getting to know my mother's friends.., so far now I have met around 5 6 of her friends like Aunt Noly and Aunt Jamie. When I was little, they used to entertain n treat me nicely :)

Seems like everybody is still in the mood of Hari Raya Aidiladha.., so far tak banyak kedai makan yang dah bukak.., I went out with my mum to have dinner., firstly we went to Warisan but it was still closed n will be opened back on 25., so we drove back to Pilah n went to Pilah Street. We had dinner there then I bumped into Nana.., She was there to pick her sister up.., we talked for a minute, she told me that she already got a new job at A' Famosa Resort, at the golf department..! I am happy for u girl.., n find jodoh for me please.! She will be leaving on  Sunday as she starts working on Monday. I was thinking of hanging outs and catching some movies together but is seems now we have to postpone again..

Lisa n I have getting along again very well now.., We are planning for some catch ups with the girls too.., but I also heard that there will be a reunion. I dont know about that. And I'm also not sure of attending it since I had a bad friendship going with the boys, but we can now say everybody has grown up.

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