Thursday, November 4, 2010

nesvita.., finally..

Finally my nesvita hunting has stopped... Last night when I was out with the girls we pulled over at the Pak Aziz market near the Post B n managed to get my nesvita there.. Even it was sold abit higher than the usual price but I was oke with it as long as I got to drink my nesvita back.

When I reached my room,I got a text from Danial.., 
well, I told him why I was soo down before..
I don't know but I some how I felt so homesick n sick of everything. Things around here are not that good for me, compared to before all these dramas started. I thought 3rd semester would give a better life n surroundings for me but I don't think that's what happening now. Currently some of friends are slipping away from my fingers or I am the one who's giving persons slip.. I don't know, it could be the other way around.. When are all these dramas are gonna end..? Maybe when there will be transferring to other campuses I suppose or when there is bad things happen..? Well, no one can tell.. 

Since its only 11 days left to the starting of semester break, I think I'm gonna use the days left wisely.. Like spending time with people that I should have spent before. Perhaps thats the most wise n correct thing to do..
Oh ya I met Abby n Jiot today when I went to get water from Redang 1.. God I missed them sooo much.. Since Abby n I are not room mates anymore, I barely see them..
and u jiot..!!! waaa..!! Jiot said I have gained a few weight..
this couldn't be happening :'(
we were holidaying in Kuala Terengganu last year
jiot, me ,abby

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