Thursday, November 25, 2010

mrs potter..?

Ok let me start from the beginning. I woke up at 8 am n yes I know it was damn early. My friend that I was texting was also surprised that I was awake at that time in the morning. Ok, the whole house was still quite. Then I walked to my mother's room, since I changed my mind about not sleeping in my war zone room.. I think mummy went back to bed after Subuh. I woke mummy up then we talked about our plan for the day. I settled my laundry n then I took a shower.We left home around 9.30. Mummy was behind the wheel since I was busy texting a friend. We reached Senawang at 10.15 and had our breakfast at out favorite mamak restaurant, OT.

After breakfast, we headed to Jusco Seremban 2. I was thinking of watching Harry Potter n yes I made it.!! 
I successfully pursued my mum to watch Harry Potter. When I reached there it was 11.15 n the first show was aired at 11.30 n luckily there was still empty seats. I managed to get the tickets, n guess what it was a couple seat.. hahaha..!! Even I was still dating the boys back then I never got a couple seat. The movie was fun but I really loved what Hermione wore..! I love the pants the tops n everything.
After we got spelled by Potter, we went for a window shopping. I had to control my spendings since I have spent more than I should have. Mummy treated me my favorite food which was Kenny Rogers Roasters :)

After hours of spending time at Jusco, we headed down to Singapore Street which was located in the middle of Seremban town. I had to go there to get the ingredients for my soft roll. That one shop over there has all the pastry things that I needed for my soft roll recipe.

From there we straight to my mum's friend house. We lepaked for about an hour an half then we went to Giant Hypermarket. I was running out of my frozen food stock. I got my ayamas food n also a long bread that I wanted to cook like the one I ate at Ampangan with Mak Ngah n Faez. N mum got herself ingredients to cook kueh tiaw on the next morning. Yes mummy's cooking for breakfast..!



huitt!!xtengok pun ag cite tu..
xtdo lagi kah??

nabila riduan said...

best tau ;)