Saturday, November 27, 2010

membaca amalan mulia

I have been reading all day long. From one book to another. And now I just finished reading the Graduation Summer series from Olsen twins. These books really made me think about my Secondary School life n my life after SPM n before enrolled into UiTM. And I love Mary-Kate's sweet cum romantic boyfriend, Trevor Reynolds. Next would be The Tenth Circle from Jodi Picoult. Or I might finish Not Without My Sister since I have read half of the book. The book is about the true story of three girls violated and betrayed. The cover itself really touches my heart. It is a very serious book, all about children abuse n some other world/politic issues that I'm not in the mood to know. Now I need a book to make me feel relax n reading it without having to disguise the main character or to think about the ending of it. The Olsens book series would be a major help.! I've been reading their books since I was 13 or 14.

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the sisterhood of the travelling pants

I'm planning to re-read all my books during these holidays, that also includes my Sisterhood of Travelling Pants series from Ann Brashares. I love Bridget Vreaaland the soccer queen. And she got herself a cute blonde boffie, Eric Richman. I wonder when will I have a perfect boyfriend like Bridget's. I have been re-reading them for like 100th times because the books are just soooo damn great. I  really love reading them. Though, I have not seen the movies yet. Well, actually I have but I misplaced the CDs. I can't remember where was the last time I saw it. It could be hiding in one of those boxes in my room or at the CD rack at the hall.

And not to be forgotten St Clare's and Malory Towers from Enid Blyton. Its a must-have for kids to own even a book from Enid Blyton. The boarding school series I have in Malay. Don't know why my mum bought in Malay edition but the books are still fun n interesting. So the titles would be Tunku Asyikin and Seri Melur. And also forgot to mention the 5 investigators. Ohh I have alot to catch up on my grow-up story books ;)


jihan said...

suke sistahud uf travelling pants :)

nabila riduan said...

yes me too ;)

elydashahrir said...

hmmmmm rindu kat dyowg... hahahahahha

nabila riduan said...

dida : yess me too..!

is said...

can help me translate 'membaca amalan mulia' in english

nabila riduan said...

is : its a good thing to read :)