Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am sorry clothes :'(

I have been cleaning up my room.., I'm throwing away clothes that I don't need anymore. Its not about I don't need them but its more to I'm not gonna wear those clothes anymore. Some of them even I still can fit in it, its just so yesterday n so out of fashion. Some are just out of my size. And some I really do not want to wear or somebody gave me n I showed them a very sweet face of mine when they handed over that shirt :p.Well people u should watch E! then u know what to give to teenage girl. But I still appreciate it :). Thank you
For the start I'll just throw the shirts away.., later on I'll go for other things in my room like posters, mags, n other decorations that I got when I was still in school..!!

I know u didn't honey :)

I was a HUGE fan of Simple Plan back in school and yes I still do :)

I've been cleaning my room since Mahgrib n I stopped for a dinner with mum, then I continued for a few minutes then I stopped.. Its just too much of clothes that I need to get rid off but I didn't have that enough of black plastic. So I asked my mum n she said tomorrow she will buy another that means I'll be throwing away more things..!
I don't have much of these shoes just yet

some clothes I still keep

Since the bed is still in war zone., I'll be sleeping with my mum tonight. We might be going tomorrow but not sure where are we gonna head just yet. It might be Sunway Pyramid if we go out early or its just Jusco. I'll pursue my mum to watch Harry Potter. I have got to watch it before my cousin Faez has. Mana boleh adik tgk dulu dari kakak.., sgt2 x adil.. oke we'll see how things go with mummy tomorrow :)