Monday, November 22, 2010

she got engaged..!

I went for Ain's engagement ceremony today at Juasseh. Now that she's engaged, it comes to my mind when will my turn come..? She's now 22 n plans to get wed next year. I still remember Ain cooked for us when we were small. She would cook something like nasi goreng then fed us,.., me, my brother n her siblings which were Uyun, Haziq n Afiq.. She was kinda our nanny back then.. Its only a few months left for her to enjoy the Miss title. I am happy for u cousin..

the bride to be :)

After everything was done, I went bak to my uncle's house which was only a block a way. Mak Ngah said that Abang Fahmy will be home today. He was back to get his car. FYI, he got himself Satria NEO. Fuhhh..!! best kot dapat drive satria neo.. Seems now we can say my cousins all have got themselves a car.. Mummy, when can I have my own like them....?

kereta lu kn gua ase cm nak naikkkk je kn...

At around 4 pm, I followed Mak Ngah, Pak Ngah, and cousin Faez to send Pak Ngah to Seremban. The two kids, Farish n Anis were dropped off at Senaling, their grandparents place. We had to ask Atuk n Wan Senaling to keep an eye on them for a while. We reached Seremban around 5.30 because the traffic was like fucking jammed.. From Pak Ngah's room I can see the sunset n it was freaking awesome n astonishing..!!

the view from 4th floor

We chilled for about an hour there.., then after everything was ok me, Mak Ngah n Faez drove back home but we stopped by at Ampangan to get a bite. It was around 7.45. We ate and we talked. We left for home at around 9.30.


Anonymous said...

woot!!da pndai letak pic..hehe:)

Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

kau bile lak bel? haha

nabila riduan said...

munie: haha kn kn kn oke x my new page :)
kak iqa: hahah.., oppss..! hantaran aku rm20000..