Sunday, August 28, 2011

iftar at Seri Malaysia

When I was 16, I was offered to study in this one school called Sek Men Sains Tuanku Jaafar after I scored 8As in PMR. And yes, I accepted the offer and I still remember it was the end of January I packed my things and registered to this new boarding school. Yes you read it right, BOARDING SCHOOL. But, I only lasted one semester. I thought thats it la. Science stream sucks ass man. I mintak mama transfer me back to my old school, Tuanku Muhammad School. one word : relieved!

After 3 ++ years, my batch threw an iftar on Saturday, 27th Ramadan, The event was held at Seri Malaysia Hotel, Seremban. Dah ramai berkumpul tu macam cerita ada. Some of my friends are studying abroad. Egypt, India, Japan, Korea you name it. Ini seuma boleh kirim souvenir ni especially I <3 somewhere shirt.

And also, to add more spice, I pergi colour rambut pagi tu. This time no more perang2 ke blonde ke ape ke. I decided to go with red color. Tak lah merah macam Hayley tu, kang ada pulak naik status claiming I ni perasan pfftt padahal kau tu yang tak paham orang tulis ape. Bodoh. Merah ni tak nampak sangat, sebab color yang lama before merah ni kuat lagi, means color lain nak masuk memang susah lah. It takes time and its gonna cost me a fortune! Xpe, nak color rambut macam Hayley punya pasal pffftt stupid.

makan makan makan

Hajar *doctor to be *
belakang sana in purple is Dhati, who will be flying off to Manipal after Raya
and next to her is Wat

kiri tu is Fify, Japanese girl
tudung biru ni Claire, tesl student at UIA

Tiponk who will be teaching Germany soon :)

Apen and Shuhaib, the Korean guys.
yang pakai glasses tu is our host, Haziq Rezab who studies abroad too.

Fify the Japanese girl

Bella, K-reen, Onyang and Kuna

Balik from iftar tu, I was on my way to home which was about almost 10. I decided to jalan jalan drop some cash of at uptown Ampangan. I pergi dgn kawan and yes, I was being a typical Bella. Ada je stuff yang I beli and I managed to get a pair of light purple baju kurung :). I reached home around 12 and terus tidur sebab penat jalan jammed lah!

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