Wednesday, July 6, 2011

20th birthday celebration...

happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to bella...
happy birthday to me..!!
wooooooo nyanyi untuk diri sendiri..

Okay, I am officially 20 now..
woot woot!!

the greatest part is that......
kawan2 I yang NR tu, which was Jihan, Que, Aimi nadia, Mimi and Ekien and also Duyung princess, L they came to my room here at tenggol just to celebrate my birthday!! I was glued to my chair mase dorang datang tu.
meh nak cita sikit!
At first, around 9.30 macam tu, kitorang sume study kat library. Then 10.30 macam tu kitorang gerak dari library tu. Mimi and the rest cakap nak prgi lepak kat kedai after study so okay la, mmg I tak dapat join sebab I duduk dalam. Then after hugs and kisses, I pun balik tenggol. After that, around 11.40 macam tu I got a call from Jihan, asking about my so-called-missing-lappy. Then after we hang up, a few minutes later all of them ada dah kat depan pintu bilik I!! God! I was glued to my chair! masa dorang nyanyi lagu birthday tu I tak gerak2 pun dari kerusi ni. Speechless sungguh!

Then after I blew the candles, we hangout for about 30 mins in my room. Lepak2, borak2, suap2..
hheheh.! It was a real fun. Too bad this is the last time we are going to celebarate birthdays here in UiTM. next year dah habis dah, insyaAllah semua orang grad on time.! So big chances next year celebration will be somewhere in KL or Malacca perhaps ;)
woot woot!!

Girls, thanks for the cake and the mini celebration. and also thanks for all the wishes via text msg and facebook and twitter. I really appreciate it. And yes, I know. In this almost two years of friendship, we have our ups and downs. happy and sad. making out and fights. But we know, all of those things are things that happen in all friendships. And, by the end of the day we'll stick together :)

p/s : pics and videos kat hp que, nnti dah dapat I upload okay :)


Qu3 BeA said...

Bella...happy birthday,.,
semoga panjang umur dan sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki...
love u...

nabila riduan said...

que..! thank you :))

Anonymous said...

So what is your love sayings on that day?

Anonymous said...

So what is your

birthday Facebook status or
love sayings on that day?