Tuesday, October 26, 2010


well, currently this is how my life now.. i think everybody's right..? when the exam fever comes then everybody will be busy here and there.., kn best if tak da exam tapi kang cmne plak nk measure tahap kepandaian atau kebodohan tu..?? tettt..!! tapi xpe.., nnti habis exam nnti kite enjoy oke..!!!
alah bse la tu da namenye pun student, x sah if life ni x busy dgn tests, quizzes, exams, reports and etc that make our dreams be shorter.. or sometimes can even get nightmares..!!!

so after exams finish, i will be enjoying and living my life to the fullest baby :))
not just around the corner da smpai corner da pun...! 

p/s: oke sgt bengang bler buat milo then milo tu terabur kat notes sgt super duper annoying..!


puteriqaizyan said...

hahahaha..gile bersepah bilik!!!
anak dare!!

good luck bel ;D

nabila riduan said...

hahah bse la kak iqa ni la akibatnye terlalu stuggle for final hahaha..!!