Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween trick or treat..??

ohh..! Its halloween..! happy halloween everybody.., I know kite kat Malaysia don't really pay attention it to it.., yang celebrate just people in big cities like KL, Kuantan, JB and Penang which most of them are students aka young people..
tapi apa salahnye kan.., mana la tau ade rezeki I dapat sambung kat oversea
so time tu tak da lah janggal sgt eceh :p

ok., last night I read about my friend's status who is currently in London.., sgt best oke diorang celebrate 
kat sana.., with the costumes and decoration add hell I know mesti fun gler..!

then aunt Noly plak cerite about the celebration in NY.., fyi, aunt Noly sekarang ni kat New York she got some work to do there.., I have asked her to upload some photos for me to see. 
and aunt..,a dead girl costume for me please..... ;)

p/s: trick or treat..??
can I have more candies please Mr..??


Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

oi. ape nih celebrate halloween. pegi bace law tuh. ahaha

nabila riduan said...

kak.., kn dungun sejuk je skg ni kn so macam ala2 London la knon :p