Wednesday, November 2, 2011

tirah the birthday girl

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, TYRA :))

the birthday celebration at first was to have lunch together at her place.
She was planning to cook for us.
But the, she herself suggested to have late lunch at KFC.
kau mesti case malas masak kan kan kan hahaha

okayyyy, baru lah ade gambar birthday ni haaaa.
me, awin and the birthday girl :))

after we had meal at KFC , we headed to her house to take the cake that she baked before we left.
and to make things happier, our friends Angah and Epy were there too to join us.
lepas amek cake kitorang pergi makan lagi hahahah but kitorang makan kat melang pot,
our tempat lepak :)))

angah and I are having athirah's home made cake :)


WIND ♥ said...

at that part yg aku dgn tyrah tu br pasan baju kitowg same kaler ! hehe. btw, suke pulak tgk kete jfk ni :p

nabila riduan said...

i miss this moment xpe next next next time buat lagi for sure !