Monday, September 12, 2011

swing baby swing

coz you are the only thing that I got right now.

okay I am done with tax. The test was, Hard. Difficult. Tearssss! Nasib baik jawab kat Bakawali so selesa lah sikit dgn kerusi yang empuk dan air cond dan rapat2 boleh tiru. The kicked off was at 8.30 sharp and finished at 10. Tapi bagi yang bijak sempoi macam I and a few friends, 15 minit awal we already outside the lecturer hall. Dah siap, submit then keluar lah.
Otak yang tadinya jammed kini bergerak semula dengan lancar.

We left campus around 10. We were heading to meet the land lord. Yeaaahh, I am about to move into a new crib yo! But not this time around perhaps. Tak lama lagikan nak exam, giler ape nak pindah randah time nak exam macam ni. Study marathon gossip girl lagi bagus.

this house is still sepah2 lagi nanti kami duduk nanti kemas lah dia ;)

Esok pagi at 10 I have accounting quiz on cash flow. Hope it will go well :)

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