Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm loving it

so how's everybody doing ? It has been a while since my serious last post . I've occupied with my studies. You know, tests, quizzes, and of course group assignments.
I am now in final semester. That means I have been living in Dungun for almost 3 years. Lama tu -.-
Being a final semester student makes me busier than before. Well, I ada lagi two paper yang tak lepas. Sangkut lah ! buat buat tak paham pulakkk -.- .
So disebabkan I ada paper repeat, I have to double and triple my effort if I want to perform well in this final sem. Mana boleh main main lagi weh kau nak kecundang? Oh I taknak! I taknak extend and kena stay kat Dungun permai indah ni for another 4 months. GUA TAK SANGGUP BAI ! I dah taknak naik bus tiap tiap minggu lagi dah. Back and forth between Pilah-Dungun. Tak syok tido dalam bus *tetiba*

1 comment:

Qu3 BeA said...

well.. goodluck bella...
jgn maen2 lagi sem nie...
nampak pakwe hensem.. buat bodo jer tau.. hehehe