Monday, June 27, 2011

Bond Girl

hahaha tak boleh blah!
Finally my application got accepted.
I am not back into living in the college.. Well, I know it sounds lame since I am now in part 5 and still lbeing a resident. Tapi nak buat macam mana. I don't have ptptn to support my life here. Memang lah my mom yang sponsor I kat sini but I just feel really bad, asyik mintak duit je. Macam tak elok you know. So since I am now back in college, my life and my expenses will be just like before.

Actually, last week I went for an interview. Like I told in my last post. And the result came out today. After habis je quiz account tadi, I straight went to Redang and checked it out. BUT, I was asked to meet the TR for the interview. OHHH YEAHHH IIIIII LIKEEEE ITT..! Orang lain ramai je yang lulus tapi I, kena pulak pergi interview. So okay lah, after taxation class dismissed at 4.30, I went to see him. Interview interview, cakap cakap tanya this and that and and and and and... his last word were ' go pack your things' !
wooooott woooott!!! Thank you Mr Azahari, jasa mu dikenang :)

So after je settle sume tu, I had to go to Tenggol to register as tenggol residence now. Then balik rumah packing. Thank God Dida and El came and helped me out with the packing and moving out. Thanks girls :)


Qu3 BeA said...

tahniah beb.... hope u happy jd warge tenggol...
lau ad pkwe ensem kt salam tau..hehehe

nabila riduan said...

ahhaa, thanks Que :)
okay nnti bella cakap you kirim salam ye :D