Monday, March 28, 2011

where were you?

This is a picture of me after finishing the Orienteering Challenge 1 Malaysia in Pagoh, Muar, Johor ;)
This challenged was joint by almost all UiTM campuses, and other IPTs too.
I'm getting darker, aren't I? so sad, kulit baru je nak okay balik from family day last week, dah kena sun burn again, this time from orienteering pulak :(
Well, my 'absence' last week was not known by many people. I didn't know what to say since I was not good in telling people where I was about to go within two hours! Actually, me joining this orienteering challenge was at a very last minute 'plan'. One night before I went to Pagoh, I was asked by one of my friend to replace for the challenge since she couldn't make it. Biler fikir2 balik, yeah why not? Takkan nak terperap lagi kat redang ni this week kan? Bosan xda ape2 activity. So yeah, I made my mind to replace her. F! 10 hours of travelling bai! Bapak jauh!
uitm dungun :)

amy and alang the couple <3

Since I was not that good in sports, my team can only score at --th place. Hehe, mane boleh cakap dapat number berapa malu lah macikkk :p

I just realised, the good thing of being 'single' was that, akan ramailah 'reptilia' yang cared about us. For example, masa dinner there, I mean, the official dinner, sgt lah ramai orang kan. Then I only managed to get just the lauk for myself., nasi takdak! Waaa! nak nangis! So I nicely, innocently, sweetly asked the guys there to take rice and drink for me. Well, of course they did it hehehe. Alahhh, tolong member2 la kan.... =D

at the dinner

Then, on the next day, sume peserta had to do the community service. Perhhh! Community service! Bunyi macam orang salah bai kena serve for community! Kau ade? Tak kan okay aku pun baru nak ade!
One of the service was painting this very old building. Balai Polis Bersejarah Bukit Kepong. Ingat kan sekolah dulu je baca novel Bukit Kepong. After school pulak kena cat Balai Polis ni. Actually this building kena banjir hari tu kot, so colour die sume dah fade and dah kena lumpur2 so it needed to be painted again. So kirenya kitorang ni datang at the right time la. At least, there was something that we did as we came here to Johor, to be precise, Pagoh, Muar :).
So to Johorians., we did something for your state! hehehe, kelakar pun ada jugak, bangunan2 lama kat Seremban tu I tak pernah pulak prgi cat kan. Tetibe datang Johor kena buat pulak. So takpelah, kate 
1 Malaysia :)

me painting the building :)

the boys


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