Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Its been a while since the last time I wrote something here. Lame gilerrrr kot x blogging2 ni sume. Where to start huh?
Okay first of all, I jus got back from Perth last a few days. Perth was great, tapi weather die same je dgn Malaysia. It was at the end of summer, it was entering autumn actually, siang mmg still panas tapi at night mmg sejukkkk okay!
I got not much to say about Perth actually but here are some pics ;)

I reached Msia on 15th March, then next two days dah kena balik Dungun. One of the reason sebab nak tgk Fabregas punya futsal tournament ;). Well., again nak bangge lebih2 pun tak boleh. And he won the third place. Congrates B**y <3.

Then on Friday, me, dee, emi, liza and sa went for lunch together. Suddenly one of us petik idea nak pergi mandi kat Cemerong! Tetibe je kot. So habis je makan, all of us balik redang, pack ape2 yang patut then terus chow prgi Cemerong. 

all of us :)

Then on the next day, mase hari Sabtu tu, faccsys ade family day kat padang tenggol. Of course la best sebab faccsys punya event kot ;).
the organizer was part 4 students, which was my batch. and also sume budak part 4 had to wear black shirt. Part yang lain I tak ingat la pulak ;)

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