Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bella Kindergarten

Finally after two days of editing and typing and designing..., I have completed me Bel 312 assignment. Yeahhh..!! It feels great man..! And I had my presentation today. Ye lah.., nak present kena la pakai proper attire. So I decided to wear my new baju kurung and also a pair of sandals. Tapi pemakaian sandals tu agak kurang tepat sebab nak present kena la sesuai kan? Tapi tak ape lah. This time is an exception, next time tak pakai lagi dah okay! And also, my friends' ideas were really bombastic la wei! What I like the most was Put's wedding package. Bloody hell memang semua orang in my class was really excited about her presentation! Damn..! You guys should see her presentation and the materials. They were great yo! Puts, nanti I khawin you jadi wedding consultant I okay :)

-macroeconomics class-

p/s : ini kalau shafirul tengok mesti dia garu kepala..! hahaha love you honey :)