Thursday, January 20, 2011

celebrity fitness

ohh ya I bet no one is going to believe this. I went for jogging with the girls today.. yes you read it correctly, I went to jog. And it was really tiring. We went to jog at taman tasik sura.., near to Pos B. Act, instead of jogging a few of us ( including me..!) were busy taking a few photos. But mestilah ade joging sikit2.., ade la dalam 4-5 round. I never thought that Taman Tasik is really a nice place. We snap pictures using Tengku's phone so she has all of it and I'm going to take them tomorrow.
So just wait for the photos ya..! :)

forever in love with ekin <3

Then when I reached my room at redang. I was shocked that our room got ambushed by the stupid beruks! They sneaked into my room by the opened windows. It was the second time beruk2 ni ceroboh masuk bilik kitorang. But this time they would mess things around and turn our room up side down. They stole our food. They took our mamee tomyam, nesvita, oat crunch abd also pop corn. Luckily they didn't take my marie biscuits. Kalau takkkkk.....! Miza, my room mate was back from Koko, and I was back from jogging. We were really tired but then we had to clean up the room. All three of us were Cinderellas and cleaning up the mess that the monkeys left behind. We are soooooo getting a revenge later.!

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