Saturday, December 25, 2010

my mum's reunion..

We got back from Korea was on 12.., then on the 13th I had to drive mummy to her old friend's daughter's wedding in Nilai.., I was told by mummy that a lot of her friends were also invited to the wedding.., It turned out that many of her friends attended tha wedding too.! It was kinda a reunion for them..,the would ex-change stories and also recall the memories where they were still schooling.. I got to meet mummy's friends and when she introduced me to them they would say " Sham.., yr daughter cantik la cm u dulu" hah now I know where I got this beauty from ;)

mama n friends with pengantin :)

this is aunt Hazurah.., mummy n her were classmates from primary n all the way to form 5 ;)

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